The Details

Inside the box are two full-service wells, six taps, which arrive ready to serve beer, wine, (and or) cocktails, with room for up to 4 bartenders.

We bring 45 gallons of potable water for 3 bay sinks and hand washing. There is a grey water tank to dispose of used water and ice melt.

We are easily powered by one extension cord if available. We are also prepared to operate with a quiet running generator for more remote events.

Because Dram Box is a drop off trailer, we are able to detach and move the truck leaving a clean sleek looking bar ready for any additional

exterior design (shrubs, flowers, portable flooring etc.). We bring a bar face to cover the wheels and add an extra bit of elegance.


How much does it cost?

Prices will vary depending on the type of event, duration, number of guests, and service package selected. For your custom quote please submit information here.

Can dram box just pull up and start serving?

While set-up is a breeze, we only service events that are booked in advance.

Can we use Dram Box at Ballyhoo?

You bet.

How many people can you handle?

Anywhere from 4 to 4,000 for weekend long events.

Can you serve just beer and wine?  Or just liquor?

We can absolutely serve just beer and wine. We can serve just liquor. We can serve both!

What is covered in the service cost of $350?

Necessary permits and licenses for the event, transportation to and from  the event.

How can I guarantee my date?

Complete Booking Form, and sign Client Contract with deposit.

You can check out live calendar to see availability. Dates are still up for grabs unless it is marked as BOOKED. For permitting and licensing, we need a minimum of 25 days prior to your event.

*Cancellation policy*

There is a non refundable deposit. Once we apply for the necessary permits and block the date we have made a commitment. See client contract for more information.